Keeping Kids Safe Behind the Wheel



The parents of Hamilton County, IN want to reduce teen traffic accidents in a big way, and have come up with safe driving initiatives called Now Think Now and Buckle Down.

The program focuses on the need for parents and the whole community to be aware of the potential dangers when their teens jump behind the wheel:  texting or drinking while driving,  being distracted and not wearing seat belts to name a few.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their kids about these issues to hopefully avert tragedy.

To this list I’d like to add that moms and dads who issue strict curfews must make sure to enforce them in a reasonable way.  A friend of mine’s teen was racing home to beat his 11 0’clock do-or-die deadline and smashed right into a tree.  The result was many months in the hospital and loss of a leg.  My pal bemoans the fact that his kid didn’t simply just call to say that he’d be late.  It’s understandable to want your kid home at a decent hour, but please make it plain to them that the whole point of the curfew is to protect them from harm.  Remind them to drive safely!

Get details about the program here.