Keeping Your Kid Safe Online


images-5The cyberworld is chock-full of scary things.  Social networking sites enable our kids to meet people that they never would in the real world–people you’d prefer they not encounter at this age–or ever.  Cyberbullying?  Happens every day.  And sexting?  Yup, it’s a fact of life.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the internet comes with risks.  Of course parents need to be aware of all of the internet bogeymen out there.  Just as importantly, they need to talk to their kids about the ways they communicate and socialize online.  The FTC wants to help with Net Cetera:  Chatting With Kids About Being Online, a useful go-to guide for parents.

Net Cetera covers a wide blanket of material, from how to protect yourself from a hacker to using privacy settings to restrict who can access and post on your child’s website.  There’s a lot of good information, so check it out.

Now this is all useful stuff, but Mom has the most important tools for protecting her kid from internet ghouls with her at all times.  Her eyes and ears. Use them.

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