Keepsake Case for Pregnancy Tests and More


  • More expectant parents keep their pregnancy test stick than you might think. So some marketer got smart and created a keepsake case for that positive pregnancy test. What do you think — forget-me-not or forget it? — Being Pregnant
  • Standard marriage advice says never go to bed angry. But a good night’s sleep might actually help everyone cool off so that things can be discussed later in a rational way. Read more at Parents Ask.
  • A new study has found that fructose, a component of high fructose corn syrup, might cause certain fat cells in children to grow more rapidly. It’s not yet enough evidence to draw a conclusion, though. — Yahoo! Health
  • It really is that simple: To limit the number of hours kids spend sitting in front of the TV, limit screen time and encourage active alternatives. Kids with rules reported TV time much closer to recommended limits than those who didn’t in one study. — On Parenting
  • It’s time for summer camp! Separation anxiety can strike both kids and parents. If your kid is a camper, do you struggle to send her off every summer? — Motherlode
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