Kentucky Boy Saves His Younger Sister From Blaze [Video]

child hero
Antoine Burks embraces little sister Trinity after rescuing her from a house fire.

Would your child run back into a burning building to save a sibling? Antoine Burks did.

After being singed by flames when his house caught fire, ten-year-old Burks did the first thing anyone would do: he ran outside. He then realized, however, that his six-year-old sister Trinity was still inside the house. Burks bravely ran back in to get her, explaining in an interview with WAVE-TV, “I thought, if something bad happened to her, it might have been my fault, because I’m the big brother and I gotta protect her.”

What a kid! My son is ten and my daughter is six, so this story really hits home for me. I ‘d like to think my son would be capable of such heroism, but you never know what will happen in the stress and confusion of the moment.

The fire was started when Trinity accidentally sprayed a lamp with a liquid shoe protector.  Antoine’s family lost all of their belongings in the house fire, and both Antoine and Trinity suffered second and third degree burns on their arms and legs. Thanks to child hero Antoine’s massive courage, though, they’re both still alive.

Watch Antoine and Trinity’s interview with their local NBC affiliate, Louisville’s WAVE, here:

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