Kid Bathes Puppy in Toilet, Pup Lives to Bark Again


dynothedogIf this story weren’t so darn cute, I’d be horrified. The details: kid thinks puppy is dirty. Kid takes puppy into the bathroom to give him a bath.

Kid drops puppy in toilet. Kid flushes puppy. And somehow, kid AND puppy live to tell the tale.

The incident happened in England, where a four-year-old decided to give his week-old puppy (ohmigod, so cute) a bath because, as he told a news crew (with a little prompting by mom) “it was dirty.” His mom “heard the chain,” and four-year-old Daniel told her the pup had been flushed down the drain.

Running outside, she could hear the puppy in the pipes, so she called for help. One four-hour ordeal and somewhere across the backyard under the neighbor’s house later, the pup was rescued. He’s OK and earned a name for his troubles – Dyno, in honor of “Dyno-Rod,” the plumbing crew who came with special cameras to suss out where the little cocker spaniel was stuck and pull him out. You can catch a glimpse of him over at Sky News.

Now the lesson in all of this: A. Four-year-olds and week-old puppies both need constant supervision and B. Never bathe your kid in the potty, they might get strange ideas.

Image: Sky News

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