Kid Books Lose Battle to DVD Spread


kid-readingThe books in many kid’s rooms seem to be losing the battle for shelf space with kid’s DVDS.

In a survey in England, a third of parents admitted the flicks outnumber the books for their kids. What do you want to bet the numbers aren’t that far off on this side of the pond?

Considering the huge pile of Halloween-specific cartoon tie in DVDs I saw when we were out picking up treats for the trick-or-treaters, it’s no wonder. There is a book for every occasion, but there’s a movie for it too.

The good news in the Brit survey: almost one hundred percent of the kids said they LIKE reading. But whether they knew that was the right answer or they meant it, we don’t know.

The DVD spread looms large in our living room, but its accompanied by oversized shelves of books for us and books for her, plus bookshelves in both her bedroom and ours, her bed filled with books (one of the best parts of being past the potty training age – I don’t give a second’s thought to allowing her to take three or four hardcovers to read before dreamland) and an extra set of shelves in the playroom. The books likewise loom large in terms of overall attention paid – even if the TV is on, she’s won’t to drag a pile of books up to my chair in my office and ask for a reading break.

What’s your book to movie ratio?

Image: maveric 2003 via flickr

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