Kid Care: An iPhone App Only A Mother/Father Can Love


There’s nothing that makes a mother’s (or father’s) heart jump than when your child cries out in agony in the middle of the night. Or in my case, when my son’s face swells up and he starts wheezing. Ever since he was admitted for RSV at three weeks of age, my son has had one reason or another to visit the E.R. My boy has been a true test of my mother’s intuition — he who at 20 months cried for as many hours straight because of a cold. One visit to the E.R. (after six hours of continuous crying) was because he was constipated. Another visit, the beginnings of Strep. Of course, such occurrences always manage to happen on Christmas Day or other major holiday!

My new best friend is an iPhone app called Kid Care from St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Easily replacing any printed reference in our house, Kid Care allows me to search by symptom, by topic, by body area or by keyword. It also includes a quick child dosage guide for common over the counter medication. Each condition is then provided with pages for a description, when to call, care advice and a summary. Even better, the When To Call page is designed with red, yellow, and green areas that tell you when to seek immediate medical attention, when to call within 24 hours or when self-care at home is sufficient.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital happens to be less than a mile from my house and I happened to hear about it from a pamphlet in my mailbox. But you don’t have to be my neighbor to use this app for your peace of mind. You can program in you pediatrician’s contact information so that it is easily accessible from the Seek Help tab, as well as 911 and the nearest emergency room.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the country. The free app is authored by pediatrician, Dr. Marton Schmitt, M.D., F.A.A.P., who is also the author of Pediatric Telephone Advice, the first book on pediatric telephone triage and the award-winning Your Child’s Health, a child care book for parents.

I know, there’s an app for everything. At least this one could save you a trip to the doctor and a co-payment.

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