Is Your Kid a Computer Whiz? It Could Pay Off!

Alex Miller
12-year-old Alex Miller, rocking the Bieber bowl and a fat paycheck.

You might want to hire 12-year-old Alex Miller of San Jose to be your next IT guy.  This computer whiz kid found “a valid critical security flaw buried in the Firefox web browser,” and was paid $3,000 by Mozilla for 15 hours worth of work.  That’s $200 an hour, my friends.  Beats taking out the trash!

And get this: Miller donated his first hundred dollars to his neighbor’s nonprofit organization, Unconditional Love Animal Rescue.  Attention ladies of the 7th grade: forget Bieber.  Alex Miller is where it’s at.

Miller describes himself as a “Firefox loyalist,” and set out to find “a bug that would qualify for the bounty” offered by Mozilla.  “By Alex’s estimation he spent about 90 minutes each day for about 10 days until he spotted it–a flaw in the memory of the running program,” Mercury News reports.

A rep from Mozilla wants to assure the public that though this flaw in the system was found by a 12-year-old, it’s not child’s play.  Miller is an expert in “a very niche technical area” and his mother says he is “virtually self-taught.”

Miller plans to buy himself – what else? – a new computer with his winnings, along with Christmas presents for his family.  How sweet!