Kid Jacks Scooter With a Toy Gun


silver-razor-electric-scooter-e300What kind of moron gives a little boy a toy gun that looks just like a real one? Apparently the same kind of moron that hasn’t taught their kid you don’t point it at someone . . . especially not to force them to hand over their toys.

An eleven-year-old in Ohio has been dragged into court for allegedly pointing a toy gun at two younger boys in an attempt to jack their scooters.

The boys took off, dragging their silver push scooters with them, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, who talked with their highly agitated dad. He says his sons, eight and ten, have been upset ever since. He was on the scene and saw the kid with the “gun” give chase, but when the boy saw him, he took off. Dad called the cops, and the boy was arrested.

Some bloggers say it sounds like it could be a simple case of child’s play gone wrong, and the public defender assigned to the case is running with the same thought process. He says the kid didn’t know what he was doing, and hey, it was a toy gun.

I’m seeing a pretty clear case here of a kid who knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t simply point a toy gun at another kid (which would be stupid enough), he pointed the gun and said “give me your scooter.” He knew he had the upper hand, and he was intent on using it. Don’t punish him now, and I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley in seven years.

Image: ItRush