Kid Meets His First Gay Married Couple [VIDEO]


Living in downtown Manhattan means my kids have known same sex partners for as long as they can remember. But recent events have definitely bumped up this idea in their awareness. Ever since the Marriage Equality Act was passed in New York, my daughter has been proudly proclaiming that two women can marry each other to whoever will listen.

But I realize that my kid’s exposure to gay couples (and our family’s attitude) isn’t necessarily typical. As gay marriage gets more normalized, more children will begin to grasp the idea that love exists beyond the boundaries of the man-woman relationship. Though this warms my open-minded heart, I’m guessing this isn’t everyone’s idea of positive progress. But it’s happening; and it’s probably going to be a lot less weird for the kids who grow up with this concept than some of their parents, who have to unlearn the stigmas they grew up with.

Watch, for example, as this little boy meets his very first gay couple and puts two and two together.



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