Kid Shoots Bear That Won't Leave Him Alone


black-bearThe bear wouldn’t leave his porch, so an eleven-year-old boy went and got his shotgun. Then he killed the bear.

Well – that’s one way to deal with it.

The bear had officially been making a nuisance of itself in and around the boy’s Idaho neighborhood according to wildlife officials. So the boy won’t be facing any charges for taking a bear without a permit. It is actually black bear season in Idaho at the moment, so the family has applied to keep the bear’s carcass.

See a bear on the porch, and most people would likely have the same response as this kid. But it bears noting that black bears are rarely a threat to humans. Since 1900, there have been only forty-five human deaths caused by black bears. Compare that to five hundred human/black bear encounters between 1960 and 1980 alone, and it’s pretty minuscule.

Although you can’t fault the kid for trying to protect his family, is it possible he could have simply stayed inside until the bear finally DID leave the porch?

Would you applaud your kid for this move or use it as a lesson on animals?

Image: Washington State

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