Kid Takes A Helicopter for First Day of School


helicopterA Florida dad has just given a whole new definition to the term “helicopter parent.” He hired a chopper to take his kid to school on the first day of school.

But according to his local paper, he forgot to TELL the school they’d be dropping in.

The father is a helicopter pilot who said he wanted to make an “impression” on the other kids for his son as he started his first year of high school. He certainly made an impression on the school – a deputy on staff called the Federal Aviation Administration (the Sentinel says it’s likely not to go anywhere – he at least used his common sense as a pilot), and the principal says never again.

Of course unlike the kids pulling first-day-of-school pranks across the country (check out the kids who got up extra early to paper and duct tape over the lines and signs in the school parking lot), no one can put him in detention so he can think about the “consequences of his actions” (did you hear your principal’s voice in your head there for a second? me too).

Which could be huge – other kids could think his son is really cool . . . or a spoiled brat.

What do you think?

Image: Mike Baird via Flickr