Kids' Book of the Week: A Very Big Bunny


a-very-big-bunnyBeing the biggest kid in the class is never easy, but it’s harder still when you’re the biggest kid AND a girl.

Such is the life of Amelia, a VERY big bunny in Marisabina Russo’s new children’s book named, naturally, A Very Big Bunny.

Standing head and pointy ears above her classmates, Amelia is too tall for jumping rope and too big for the seesaw, so she’s turned herself into a fence sitter. Until a very, very small bunny joins the class.

A tender look at what it’s like to be an outsider and how friendships can develop in the unlikeliest of places, this book for kids 4 and up offers a good lesson in how NOT to treat kids who are different.

New this winter, you can order it from Amazon now.

Image: amazon

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