Kids' Book of the Week: Lawn to Lawn


lawn-to-lawnA word about this week’s kid book pick: if you’re scared of garden gnomes, back away from the computer. And while you’re at it, turn of the TV – you never know what might roam along.

Now for the rest of you, you’re more my sort of people. Not to mention the sort who will love Dan Yaccarino’s Homeward Bound-esque children’s book Lawn to Lawn.

The story of four lawn ornaments accidentally left behind when their family up and moves away, it takes two of my daughter’s favorite Disney movies (Homeward Bound and Toy Story) and mixes them together as the gnome, flamingo, jockey and deer travel over hill and dale to return to their little girl.

Their path to Pearl is plagued by the peril of the trash truck, keeping your tots on the edge of the bed with anticipation. Quirky illustrations and a compelling storyline make this one a home run (pun very much intended).

Released earlier this  month, you can get Lawn to Lawn at Amazon.

Image: Amazon

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