Kids' Book of the Week: Me Hungry


me-hungryEver feel like all your kids do is eat . . . and eat . . . and eat? Days will go by in my house where every time I turn around, my daughter is begging for something more, something more. They’re usually followed by a growth spurt and days of eating like a bird, but that period of constant eating can  make it impossible to get anything done.

Enter Jeremy Tankard’s hilarious board book, Me Hungry! Published last year, I somehow missed the news that Tankard (a house favorite) had another book out.

But your kids won’t know it’s a few months old; they’ll be too busy giggling at a pre-historic boy on his quest for dinner. Because it turns out even in caveman days, parents had to get their work done even when their voracious kids were HUNGRY!

Incorporating a tale of unlikely friendship with making good food choices (hooray for apples!), the simple language makes it a perfect pick for tiny toddlers, but the illustrations will delight older kids who can practice reading it themselves.

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