Kids Comics This Week - Incredibles #2, Wall-E #0

Hey Kids! Comics!

Kids Comics This Week include Incredibles #2 and Wall-E #0, both from Boom! Studios.

And of course a lot of other things, some for kids, some for, um… bigger kids. Here we go:

Kid Stuff

Digger And Friends #3: This is NASCAR’s entry into kiddie entertainment. Here’s a clip from the cartoon.

This is the comic book. Not my thing, but maybe it’s yours.

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #17

Marvel Super Hero Squad #3: Also the comic book version of a cartoon series, but this one has better known characters, like that Spider-Man guy all the kids are into these days. Here’s the cartoon, which started out horrible but the last few episodes have been better. My kids LOVE it.

Uncanny X-Men First Class #5

Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book: This is a 554 page tome filled with all things Peanuts. Actually, maybe this is a good “grown-up/big kid” item.

Disney Pixars Incredibles #2: After much nagging by my four-year-old, Boom! Studios finally released the second issue of their Incredibles series. (Note: they did not do so due to my son’s nagging, but had they heard him, they would have come out with this issue sooner.) Incredibles #1 was OK, #2 is a little better. Look for a review here this week.

Disney Pixars Wall-E #0: Not sure when the “issue zero” trend started. I find it a little annoying. What’s wrong with issue #1? Actually, there will be an issue #1, this comes before issue #1. So… why not just start with #1? Huh? Why? Look for a review of this title here as well.

Disney Pixars World Of Cars Radiator Springs #3

Muppet Show Treasure Of Peg-Leg Wilson #4

Archie & Friends #137: I might have to borrow this one from my son. It’s called “A Night At The Comic Shop“.

Betty & Veronica Digest #199

Jugheads Double Digest #155

Cartoon Network Action Pack #43: featuring a preview of sorts for the new live-action “Ben 10: Alien Swarm” TV movie on Cartoon Network, which looks like fun. Here are some promo spots.

Scooby Doo Vol 6 #150

Swans In Space Vol 1 GN: Not familiar with this title. It is apparently Manga for Kids if that interests you. Remember to read it backwards.

Justice League The Complete Series DVD

Batman Brave and The Bold Vol 2 DVD

Borderline Kids Stuff/Older Kids

X-Babies #2: I read X-Babies #1 when it came out and can’t quite decide if this is a good all ages title or not. The X-Babies were created by a super-villain named Mojo, who is described by Wikipedia as “a slaver who rules the Mojoverse, a dimension where all beings are addicted to his gladiator-like television programs. The character is an absurdist parody of network executives.” In the new X-Babies mini-series, they escape the Mojoverse, or at least they get out of whatever it is that Mojo had trapped them in. Except that Mojo created them, so it’s not clear what they escaped from. It’s a bit odd, confusing, and vaguely disturbing. Nothing objectionable (nudity, foul offensive language) that I can recall. Just comic book weirdness that creeps a teeny bit into, well, creepy territory.

Female Force Stephenie Meyer: For the Twi-hards. Bluewater Comics Female Force series has so far focused on political figures — Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy, Condoleeza Rice, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana. Princess Diana isn’t technically a political figure I suppose, but she sort of is. Stephanie Meyer, however, is not even remotely a creature of politics, although she could probably get elected mayor of Forks, Washington if she so desired. Odds are the title will sell well, maybe even better than the Caroline Kennedy issue. Shocking, I know. No idea if this is good for kids or not, but I know a lot of tweens read the “Twilight” novels and saw the movie, so maybe they would be interested in this. Also for Twi-hards this week: the Twilight 2GB USB Drive Pre-Loaded With New Moon Soundtrack. Because CDs are so last century.

Comic Book Comics #4: This is one of best comic book series I’ve read in years. It’s a history of comic books, told in comic book form, ‘natch. It’s a lot of fun to read, and it’s been a long wait for issue #4, probably because writer Fred Van Lente has been busy writing for Marvel Comics. Not sure if there are any language issues for kids in these; probably not, but the story might be a bit over the heads of younger readers.

Great Expectations The Graphic Novel TP Quick Text Version: Because Cliff Notes are so last century.

Grown-up stuff

Jersey Gods #9: This title got good again. There are even a couple of parenting storylines. The heroine, Zoe from Cherry Hill, NJ, brought her boyfriend Baroc home to meet her folks. Baroc is a god from some distant dimension. Cue the “you couldn’t marry a doctor?” jokes.

Strange Vol 2 #1: Stephen Strange is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, which I guess is why they dropped the Doctor from his name. But I think he’s technically still a doctor, since he was a surgeon before an accident that cost him the use of his hands, which led him to seek a cure from The Ancient One, who tutored him in the ways of sorcery. Doctor Strange was the first “real” comic book I ever read (that is, not baby stuff like Richie Rich or Little Lulu) which is one reason I’ve always been into the character. Well, that and he’s totally cool.

Pope Hats #1: Just a great title. Didn’t buy it but I might pick it up.

Supergod #1: Another great title. From the description — “praying to be saved by a man who can fly will get you killed.” And this — “In the world of SUPERGOD, superhumans are the ultimate expression of the Messiah complex.” I didn’t buy this one either but I might grab it next week.

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