Kids Comics This Week - The Incredibles

Hey Kids! Comics!

Not a lot of kid stuff this week, but there is some, and also some other items of note.

Here we go:

X-Babies #1: I was told by someone at Midtown Comics that the X-Babies are “in continuity.” Say that to a non-comics fan and watch their head explode.

Disney Pixars Cars Radiator Springs #2

Disney Pixars Incredibles #1: This is a pretty good all ages book. (NOTE: Don’t read the next paragraph if you don’t want to know what happens. This is sometimes called a “spoiler alert.”)

Ready? OK.

Baby Jack-Jack apparently has a virus. But this virus is the kind that, when you sneeze on someone, the baby snot bestows super powers on the person who received the sneeze. That plot point alone makes the book worth a look.

Muppet Robin Hood TP: The popular Boom! Kids series is collected in trade paperback for $9.99.

Betty & Veronica Digest #198

Jugheads Double Digest #154

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 2 #205

Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #699: More Disney comics! What’s going on here? Actually, as I mentioned last week, this is more of a return than it is a new thing.

Cartoon Network Action Pack #42: It’s funny to me how a kid can be interested in something when presented in one form but not another. Ben 10, for example, is something my son is into when its a video game or a comic book. The original TV incarnation he doesn’t care about. No idea why. Not that it’s a big deal, but it’s interesting.

Looney Tunes Vol 3 #179: Then there’s Looney Tunes, which my kids don’t care about at all. I wonder if anyone will be interested in Bugs Bunny and the rest of the crew in 50 years.

Wacky collectible item of the week – Arkham Asylum Poker Set: For only $199.00, you can play poker using Joker chips!

Grown-up Books:

Bloom County Complete Library Vol 1 1980-1982 HC: This isn’t a grown-up thing, although I guess comic strips are technically for adults since they appear in the newspaper. Berkeley Breathed’s beloved strip is at last available in a complete collected edition, beginning with the first two years of publication. Pick it up for $39.99.

Jersey Gods #8: The idea is great — super-powered gods from another galaxy land in Jersey. One of the gods falls in love with a girl from Cherry Hill. The first three or four issues were fun, the last couple have been kind of meh. (“Meh” is nerd speak for “less than great but I’m probably going to buy it anyway.”) Check out a preview of the most recent issue at Comic Hero News.

Strange Tales Vol 5 #2: Off-kilter stories about Marvel heroes written and drawn by folks unlikely to ever work on a mainstream Marvel book. One of my favorites, Peter Bagge, has some stuff in here. It’s OK. Definitely not for kids although some of it could be with minor editing.

Dark Reign Fantastic Four TP: Collected edition of the recent mini-series by Jonathan Hickman. Usually minis that are spun out of major comic book “events” aren’t worth reading in my opinion, but this one actually continued in the regular Fantastic Four series, which Hickman now writes. In the story, Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, is bummed out about how horribly things have gone recently in the superhero community (the Superhero Registration Act, Captain America getting shot, and so on. Long story.) So he decides to figure out why by building a machine that allows him to peek into alternate realities. Of course something goes wrong and the rest of the Fantastic Four are trapped in bizarre circumstances where they become pirates and other wacky stuff. (Longtime FF readers know that Ben Grimm, The Thing, once became Blackbeard the pirate due to some time-traveling fiasco. Like I said, long story.) Eventually Reed decides that it is time to “solve everything.” So far, it’s been interesting to read.

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