Kids Explain the Computers of 1984 in Vintage Sesame Street Video

Press the buttons!

Watching this group of five-year-olds try to explain what computers are in this Sesame Street clip from 1984 is an adorable reminder of just how much our lives have changed with computers. But is also funny to see that kids are still, pretty much, exactly the same.

Their explanations of the computers as “something that you write on” and that “you can press some buttons and make a design” and “it can help you to read” pretty much sums up what a kindergartener might say today.

The OMG! moment comes from seeing a computer of 1984 in action … I think, even a three-year-old watching this video would gawk at and comment on the computer “designs” that show two children using the machine as a glorified Etch-A-Sketch. “There was no such thing as a mouse yet, honey, so drawing had to be done with the arrow keys!” you might explain to your little one, “Aw, don’t we feel sad for what mommy and daddy had to go through in the Dark Ages??”

I love that all the differences between computers and humans that the kids list still hold true.  At least I think so …

One child says, “A computer isn’t human.” Yes, definitely still true.

And then there is this exchange:
Little Boy: “People don’t have buttons and a computer does!”
The Teacher: “You have buttons on your shirt.”
Little Boy: “Awwwww!”
Yes, that’s still true today, too!

Another one says, “The computer can think, but you have to tell it what to do!”

Well …

Siri, the new iPhone virtual assistant, would beg to differ.

Photo and Video Credit: Sesame Street and Children’s Television Network (CTW)

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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