Kids First Cab Ride: Kellen Says "I Love You" to the Taxi Driver (Video)

Kids first taxi ride cab video
Three year old's first cab ride

Documenting your children’s “firsts” on video can capture some pretty special memories such as this adorable kid’s first New York City cab ride and the exchange he has with the driver.

This little guy is so smitten with his cabbie, he says “I love you.”


Three-year-old Kellen has a friendly Bangladeshi cab driver who tells the little boy about how his family is far away from him.

Does the kid want to stay and work in the cab? He respectfully declines, saying, “I love you, but I have to go with my family.”

His mom posted the video on YouTube with the description: “This was our kids’ first taxi cab ride in New York City. Three-year-old Kellen struck up a conversation with our driver and then – to the driver’s surprise – told him he loved him! Such a tenderhearted soul! Adorable and funny!”

On her Adventures in Parenting blog, mom further explains: “Our first driver, Sanjoul from Bangladesh, was the best one. He was friendly. He was the only driver who was willing to swap life stories with our three-year-old son, which greatly endeared him to Kellen.”

My only question why does Kellen’s dad seem to mouth the same thing as the kid at around :48?

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