Kids Help Create the Worlds Tallest Lego Tower (VIDEO)

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Kids Help Build Worlds Largest Lego Tower

My five-year-old daughter is thrilled when she can create a tower of Legos that measures about two feet in height. But her personal accomplishment has nothing on this Lego tower built in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

An industrious group built an awe-inspiring Lego tower that measure exactly 102.33 feet.

Over the course of four days, a group of 6,000 volunteers, compromised mostly of children, built the world record-breaking tower. But the kids had the help of many able bodied adults as well as an industrial crane. Lego also sent a couple of their designers from Denmark to aid in the construction. The group utilized 500,000 blocks to build the epic monument in a goal to break the last record for the world’s tallest Lego tower. The old record holder was the country of Chile, and Brazil beat their record by just ten inches.

Check out video of the amazing work of Lego-ness right here!

Image: YouTube

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