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Kids Left In Car For Half an Hour

By brettsinger |

A woman left her three kids in the car while she shopped at Macy's at the Roosevelt Field MallNicola Daley, a 37-year-old mother from Brooklyn, NY, left her three kids in the car while she did some shopping at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island.

The children, according to published reports, were 9 months, 7 years and 10 years old. She was arrested after a security guard noticed the kids alone in the car.

Maybe she could hook up with the lady who left her kids in the car with her dogs.

Actually, there’s an idea. A matchmaking service for parents who need to go shopping. I can see the ads now. “Need to run to the store for a quart of milk? Or just want to check out the sale at Macy’s? Have kids? Give us a call! Odds are someone else has some shopping to do. They’ll watch your kids, and then you can watch theirs! Easy Peasy!”

Actually, now that I think about it, some sort of childcare for shoppers wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. I don’t know that I would leave my children there. But people do it at IKEA all the time, right? Maybe there’s money to be made in opening Shopping Day Care Centers at malls across the country. If anyone takes this idea and runs with, let me know. I’ll tell you where to send my royalty check.

Source: Newsday


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0 thoughts on “Kids Left In Car For Half an Hour

  1. Tiffany says:

    Our local mall used to have a kids play center where you could pay $5 per hr or something like that. It was licensed as a daycare and you couldn’t leave them longer than like 2 hours or something.. It was really nice actually. You could drop your kids there or you could stay and play. We always stayed and played (or at least one of us would – I would shop and hubby would play or I would play and my mom would shop or something…) but the caregivers were awesome from what I saw. They even offered parties. They had the big tubes/slides/ball pit like at Chuck E. Cheese but it was clean. LOL. They had a bounce house. And a bunch of other toys and climbing things. My son loved it.

  2. Brett Singer says:

    Interesting. I wonder why those disappeared, or if they didn’t and are still around.

  3. anon says:

    This really shows how things have changed. One of the kids left in the car was 10 years old. I can’t remember being left in the car, but I was one of those latch-key kids who was home alone for several hours a day, way before I was 10.

  4. Brett Singer says:

    Same here. Although I think being left home alone is different from being left in a car. Although I was home by myself much earlier than my kids.

  5. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    I wonder if this was one of those, “the baby is asleep, you guys sit here and call me on the cell if the baby wakes up, i’ll be right back,” situations. Which doesn’t make it *right* but makes it sound like less than gross neglect.

  6. Manjari says:

    It’s never been ok to leave your 9 month old baby in the car, though. This really confuses me. What could you possibly need to by at the mall that is so important (and that you must, for some reason, buy alone)? I’ve been on plenty of shopping trips that would have been easier and more pleasant without my kids in tow, but it would never occur to me to prioritize the shopping above their safety.

  7. Manjari says:

    “BUY” not “by!”

  8. Ali says:

    HOw about the lady who left her 5 week old daughter in the car with her 12 year old nephew and he beat it to death? She said when she returned to the car the baby was dead. Happened last week outside of Atlanta.

  9. GP says:

    My daughter (2) likes going into stores with me. We talk about the things we’re buying and make it a learning/fun experience. What the hell is wrong with people? Again, if you can’t handle it, don’t have so many…or none at all.

  10. PlumbLucky says:

    I can say that at ten, there were MANY times where I begged to be allowed to stay in the car (so I could read) rather than grocery shop. “But I’ll keep the doors locked!” Would this be news if the 9 mo. old wasn’t in the car?

  11. the grumbles says:

    I can remember being offered the choice to stay in the car from about 7 on. And most of the time I took it. I sat out in the car with the doors locked and read or listened to the radio while my Mom picked up groceries, etc. I don’t see anything particularly harmful about that- BUT having the 9 month old in the car changes things quite a bit. I doubt I would leave a child that young in the car even with older siblings.

  12. Brett Singer says:

    @PlumbLucky – I think the news was the arrest.
    @the grumbles – Not sure what the law is on how old you have to be before you can be left alone in a car like that. I would guess that 7 is still too young, legally, but I don’t know if I’m correct about that.

  13. PlumbLucky says:

    Brett – would she have been arrested then? (I somehow doubt)

  14. Brett Singer says:

    I doubt it too, but who knows. She was “caught” by a security guard (Mall Cop! Sorry, too easy) who noticed that the kids were in the car by themselves. So it depends on the law, and whether or not the guard would have minded seeing an older kid in the car alone.

  15. the grumbles says:

    by “I doubt I would” I really meant no f-ing way would I do that. That sort of came out wrong.

  16. Sheri says:

    I wouldn’t do it, and it wouldn’t be for fear that someone would take my kids, but kids are kids and they don’t get it….Sometimes it is easier to have my dh watch the kids in the car while I run in to get one whatever when we are doing errands. When we do this, the kids like to pretend they are driving. I can’t imagine what would happen if they were alone and decided to “drive” and put the car into gear. My brother did it once when we were little (like 6ish). My mom got out of the car to drop a casserole off at a friend’s house. She was 3 feet away from the car when he put it in reverse and started rolling out of the driveway. Luckily the car stopped and we were ok. Either take them with or leave them at home with a sitter or spouse.

  17. Lula says:

    My sister and I were 11 and 8 when our younger (twin) siblings were born. We were not only left in the car with them for hours, but also left home alone with them for the odd evening or weekend afternoon while our mom ran out to do some unencumbered errands (and yes, we had dogs. They were always home with us, and often in the car as well). I don’t think we were exceptionally brilliant or responsible children, but we also weren’t idiots – we knew how to take care of babies, go next door or to a security guard if we needed help from an adult, call 911 if something terrible happened, etc. We also knew better than to touch the gearshift or otherwise mess with the car when we were left in it, even before we had two baby siblings to care for.

    I understand that it’s no longer acceptable to leave kids in the car the way everyone did during the 1970s and 80s. But arresting this mom? That’s ridiculous! What a waste of law enforcement time & money.

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