Kid's Letter From Camp Found


crop-kids-letter-from-camp-found-maximumalloweddosageMany of our kids are off at camp for the summer. Some have even taken the plunge and gone to sleepaway camp.

Found Magazine shows off stuff that they, you know, find. Hence the title. Someone found a letter that a camper wrote to her parents. It’s quite something.

Kid's Letter From Camp

The finder asks: “Did Jen really take herself off her medication despite an intense 3-day withdrawal, all without calling her mother or a camp leader noticing? It’s tough to believe, but her motive in saying so is both clear and heartbreaking.”

Apparently this is not uncommon; summer is a time for kids to take “medication vacations”. You know, that way the parents don’t have to deal with them. So they say “heartbreaking”, I say “why is this kid doing this while away from home?” But hey. Potato, po-tahto.

Source: Found Magazine

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