Kids Love Rock Band? Try Showing Them How to Really Rock Out


areu These kids today, with their video games…why, when I was a teen we had to play air guitar and embarrass ourselves if we wanted to play along with our favorite musicians without actually picking up an instrument. Now these kids get to just play Guitar Hero or Rock Band and actually feel cool if they do a good job.

Sorry. I’m pushing 40 and working on my grizzle. But anyway, it is true that kids today are sort of learning how to make music with these cool music video games. I myself have a major case  of Rock Band envy.

One thing they aren’t learning, though, is actually how to play the guitar or bass or whatever.

For kids who’ve been bitten by the music bug through playing these games, though, a company called Sheet Music Plus, which is the largest online purveyor of sheet muscia, is encouraging kids to put down the controller and pick up a real instrument. Sheet music exists for just about all the popular songs that are used in the games.

“Today’s kids often get more exposure to music from video games and movies than from any other source, and it would be great if this gaming trend can be a gateway back to learning to play live music,”  Keith Cerny, CEO of Sheet Music Plus, states in a press release.

Because if you think it’s fun to rock out to “Are U Gonna Be My Girl” on RocK Band, it’s a whole new level of excitement to make that bassline thump by yourself.