Kids Now Have a Reason to Combine Their Two Great Loves: Dinosaurs and Farts

dinosaur extinction, climate change, global warming
Oops! Excuse me.

My daughter is going to let out a rip-roarin’ toot when she hears this news! According to scientists, dinosaurs may have contributed to their own extinction by literally farting themselves to death. Gawker cites a study by British researchers (published in the journal Current Biology, via Fox News) which says “researchers calculated that the prehistoric beasts pumped out more than 520 million tons (472 million tonnes) of methane a year — enough to warm the planet and hasten their own eventual demise.”


Gawker says, “The dinosaur infraorder known as sauropods …. who count the dino-formerly-known-as-Brontosaurus among their ranks” raised the temperature during the Mesozoic Era 18 degrees — just by farting! The experts say, “Our calculations suggest these dinosaurs may have produced more methane than all the modern sources, natural and human, put together.” Methane is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat on Earth and causing climate change. Fox News notes, “Cows and other farm animals globally contribute up to 100 million tons (90 million tonnes) a year of methane,” a fact scientists used in determining how much methane likely escaped from sauropod butts.

Go ahead – ask your kids when they get home how loud and stinky a dinosaur fart is, then videotape the results. You’re welcome.

Butt seriously, folks. Maybe another reason to stop eating unhealthy, greasy foods? We don’t want to fart ourselves to extinction, America.

Photo via Wikipedia