Kids' Nuclear Power Toy Sets off Radiation Alert


radiationwarningMost kids play house. Pirates. Unemployed mortgage broker (hey, you go with what you know). But a couple of kids in Germany were entirely more hip to the world.

Two little boys were playing nuclear power station when they had to go home for dinner. Their abandoned “power station” prompted a scare that closed down their entire town.

A passer-by noticed the yellow and black radiation warning sign stuck into what turned out to be the shell of an old computer, and alerted police.They,  in turn, told residents to stay indoors and called for a radiation detector. The boys, who had printed their sign off the internet, tried getting back to play with their toys (dinner was apparently over), but couldn’t get through the emergency services.

The kids aren’t being charged, as police determined there was no threat – they were simply playing a game. Yeah, a game of nuclear power station. And to think when we were six, we played “who can get their bike going the fastest down the hill without crashing?” We weren’t exactly going to set the world on fire, but at least there was no nuclear reactor to worry about.

What’s the craziest game your kids have made up?

Image: Wikimedia

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