Kids Reenact: Project Runway (Video)

Kids Reenact Project Runway
Kids Reenact Project Runway: Kid Klum

One of my favorite parts of having a little girl is that every day offers an opportunity for us to play dress up.  I love shopping for her clothes, and she loves dressing in glitter, sparkles and “diamonds,” as she likes to call the fake rhinestones on some of her shirts and pants.  Don’t get me wrong – everything she wears is functional enough to play in, and funky enough not to be “girly.”  But it’s definitely cute!

Kids fashion is exciting because, frankly, little ones can get away with wearing things that would look ridiculous on an adult.  That’s why I loved watching 38-year-old Dad of two, Seth Aaron, rock the kids’ clothing challenge during season 7 of Project Runway.  His children’s design was fresh, edgy and fun – a black, white and pink rocker look toned down for a lil’ lady.  (Coincidentally, Aaron won that season… and my 5-year-old is going to dress in a black, white and pink rocker look for Halloween this year.)  I’d love to watch an entire season of Project Runway devoted to kids’ clothes.  But today I’ve got something even better: an episode of Project Runway reenacted by kids, courtesy of Babelgum.

These hilarious kids know how to make it work!  Take a look:

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