Kids TV Host Levar Burton Stages Reading Rainbow Flash Mob

levar burton, reading rainbow
Levar Burton is gearing up for some kind of Reading Rainbow comeback. But first, an RR flash mob!

The acclaimed children’s television show “Reading Rainbow” was canceled nearly two years ago, but for those who loved it’s book-loving ways, the show was never actually forgotten.

Its fantastic and crush-worthy host, Levar Burton, recently revealed that new “Reading Rainbow” projects are in the works. To drum up interest and exposure, he’s kicking things off with a Reading Rainbow flash mob. In addition to celebrity support, he needs you to volunteer.

What exactly will go down isn’t known, but you can sign up for alerts. The general idea is that on a certain date at a prearranged time, hundreds (thousands? millions?) will sing the “Reading Rainbow” theme song.

Which goes a little something like this:

Are you in?

Video: YouTube via Salon


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