Kidworth: Get Your Kids Creating Their Own Companies Like Now

CEO in Training?

Is your child filled with an entrepreneurial spirit or would you like to try to instill business mindfullness into her at a young age?  The Los Angeles based start-up Kidworth thinks you should honor this drive and perhaps help your child get his own business off the ground.

Their goals is to turn “1 million children into entrepreneurs” by allowing them to create virtual storefronts where they can sell their items. “Everyone has sports equipment, game consoles, recreational gear, toys and games, DVDs or clothes they no longer use,” the site says. “You can sell all those things through your Kidworth company.”

But it’s not just about getting rid of things they “no longer use;” it’s about teaching them valuable lessons about business. The Huffington Post notes that, “A recent aptitude test performed on more than 200 top founders and business builders around the world found that 80 percent of “Guts-dominant” founders those who exhibited especially thick-skin and perseverance had ventures as children.” Eighty percent? That’s a pretty good reason to get your kid started early.

What does Kidworth get out of it? They receive 99 cents for each of the items that are sold.

The founder of Kidworth is a father of three, so he certainly is familiar with how kids work! Would you sign your kids up for this?

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