Kim Kardashian Wedding Report on CNN: Kid in the Background Makes Faces (Video)

Kim Kardashian wedding CNN kid making faces background video
Kid makes faces during Kim Kardashian wedding coverage

Kim Kardashian wedding news is flooding websites – especially details about Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress and guest list.

But our favorite Kim Kardashian wedding item is the kid in this CNN report (video), making faces behind reporter Kareen Wynter while she dishes on Kim Kardashian’s dress!

This kid is officially the best part of Kim Kardashian’s wedding!

We’ve all seen people hamming it up in the background of news footage, but this kid takes the (wedding) cake.

The CNN reporter delivers the Kardashian wedding details with this kid pulling out all of the attention-getting stops. He’s so good with the faces and waving that I can’t even focus on what the reporter is talking about.

It’s bad enough Wynter got the CNN reporting gig for Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but she’s got a face-making kid behind her taking all eyes off of her. And she has no idea what’s going on in the background.

Love. This Kid. I just have to thank him for finally making Kardashian wedding news interesting!

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