Kindergartner Gets Detention for Bringing Lego Gun to School



There are a variety of good reasons for a child to get detention. Perhaps they hit another child. Maybe they yelled at their teacher. Or the kid could have bit, spit or done something else harmful to someone. But bringing a tiny Lego gun, that is just a little bigger than a quarter, should not be on the list worthy of punishment.

But that is just what happened to a six-year-old kindergartner who attends Old Mill Pond Elementary Schoo in Palmer, MA. According to WCVB, the boy was riding on the school bus when a fellow student saw that the boy had the little Lego weapon with him and told the bus driver. The boy was then given detention and may be suspended from the school bus.

“I think they over-reacted totally. I totally do,” said the boy’s mother. “(The driver) said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,” Crane told WGGB. Traumatized over a tiny Lego gun? This seems like there must be more to the story. Yes, guns of any kind aren’t generally cool to be brought to school, or school bus. But from what we know of the story, it does sound like a case of over-reacting.

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