Kitchenista: Breastmilk Smoothie


While writing about a U.K. breastfeeding support group, whose soon-t0-be-released calendar features a dozen moms in varying states of breastfeeding undress, a little video caught my attention. The Rubgy Breastfeeding Cafe has posted a recipe and tutorial on how to make a breastmilk smoothie.

What they don’t mention in the 53-second clip, however, is why? Why make a breastmilk smoothie? And, perhaps more important? Intriguing? Urgent? Who is this smoothie for? Because they don’t appear to be serving it in a sippy cup.

If breastmilk drink concoctions aren’t your thing, my recommendation is to pack your own beverages before meeting up with the Cafe — nothanksI’mgood.

For everyone else, bottoms up!

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