Kyocera Echo: Something Tells Me I've Heard This One Before

Remember when these were big-time?

Is it Boyle’s Law that says technology doubles every 9 months? Whatever law it is, if technology truly obeys it, then each and every successive technological invention will be that much better than those prior. Which is good news for Sprint. They are making a big announcement that many think pertains to the latest and greatest smart phone, the Kyocera Echo. It’s rumored to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. (No, that’s not an iPhone app.)

Which is probably good news for many out there. Parents included. Sunny Chanel just posted on Strollerderby about the Kyocera Echo. In it, she relays a comment she heard from a mom who was letting her child play with her iPhone. “I don’t know how people did it before iPhones!” With regard to the Kyocera Echo, Sunny writes:

But the big question for parents? Will my kid want to play with it or will it be an adult only phone zone? And if they do, how easy will it be for them to break?

But here’s my big question for parents: Really? We’re buying phones with our kids in mind? And we say things like “I don’t know how people did it before iPhones”?

I mean, I know it’s true. At least to an extent, but my goodness, are we ever missing the boat here. Newsflash, folks: babies were once raised in caves. And the fire and wheel did just fine in keeping them happy. So whenever I see a frantic mom or dad forking over their iPhone (or soon the Kyocrea Echo?) to a demanding 5-year-old, I just wanna puke. Sure, we can hide behind the convenience of technology and laugh self consciously as we ask the rhetorically hypothetical question of what on Earth we did before technology kept our little ones quiet while waiting for the dentist. Or we can just call a spade a spade and admit that many of us have grown soft, scared to death at the prospect of not having precious little junior entertained with something sexy (and expensive) every single waking moment of the day.

I know I’m probably coming off all “fealty” (as one reader once called me). And forgive me if I am. But I’d never let any of my kids play with any of my technological gadgets just in hopes of appeasing them. In my opinion, it creates the tail that wags the dog.

But I digress. Sprint has a big announcement. And if it is, indeed, the Kyocera Echo, and it is, indeed, the biggest and baddest smart phone of all time, I, for one, am hoping that adults are smart enough to keep this phone to themselves.

But that’s just me.

Image: stock.xchng

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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