Lady Gaga Got Pregnant and Gave Birth During Saturday Night Live Finale [VIDEO]

saturday night live, lady gaga pregnant
Lady Gaga's "baby bump" on Saturday Night Live.

You probably remember Lady Gaga emerging from an egg at the Grammy awards back in February, but she was able to top that outlandish performance last night on SNL when she “got pregnant” during a performance of her hit “Born This Way.”  Toward the end of the song (during the “rap”), Gaga’s dancers affixed a pleather baby bump to her high-shouldered costume and then later helped her up onto a throne/hospital bed fit for a (drag) queen (ooh there ain’t no other way Gaga would give birth) where she “pushed out” gold dust.  Like all Gaga performances, I think this one was executed well, but waaaay over the top and a bit of a brow-beater.  Take a look:

Photo via MTV

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