Lady GaGa Likes To Wear Muppets


Lady GaGa's Muppet Dress - Kermit the FrogI don’t really like Lady GaGa. Not that I know her personally. But I find her music somewhat dull, and her efforts to create a persona a bit grating. And schoolkids singing her songs gives me the willies.

But this, I like.

Ms. GaGa has been seen wearing not one, but two articles of clothing made out of Muppets. First we have a dress which features Animal’s head over her, well, muffin. (The one that she’s bluffin’ with in “Poker Face“. See, I’m hip.) Then there her Coat of Many Kermits. It’s odd but somehow clever. I don’t know. I’m a sucker for Muppets.

Here are a couple of pics and also a video.

Muh-muh-muh Muppet Dress, Muh-muh Muppet Dress…

One commenter on Jezebel was mock-offended, saying “MUPPETS ARE NOT PANTS.” Miss Piggy could not be reached for comment.

What do you think? I’m no fashion plate — heck, I’m not even a fashion spoon — but I think these are cool.

Source: Jezebel, Stylelist, Daily Mail

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