Latest in Cool Baby Names: Too Ambitious?

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A hero in a diaper?

Having a baby can be life changing. For most of us, in good, good ways. So props to all those wrinkly, crying, suckling little bundles of joy.

Besides feeling compelled, to feed, change and snuggle with the just-b0rn, a new mom and dad want to do more to acknowledge the passionate love they feel towards the needy little guys. Some of us purchase expensive crib linens and strollers. Others quit jobs and set new life goals.

Still others — those special cases known as celebrities — bestow their babes with very, shall we say, original names. Myleene Klass has done just that.

The U.K. TV star named her second daughter Hero Harper Quinn. Hero? That’s pretty ambitious.

But Klass and her fiancee Graham Quinn say it’s not about strapping tiny capes on their 6lb 2oz girl and waiting for her first rescue. Rather, the two plucked the name from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” a play the parents love.

Still, better get the kid some CPR classes when she’s older. You know, just in case.

What do you think of the name Hero? What about these other wacky baby names?

Photo: A Copper Penny via flickr