Lawsuit Filed Against Similac

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In recent days in light of the large scale Similac Baby Formula recall, a federal lawsuit has been filed in a Chicago Federal Court.

The lawsuit which has been brought against Abbott, the company that owns Similac Baby Formula, by Maria C. Kiely on behalf of her infant son claims the company knew about the problem with the tainted baby formula six full days before the recall was announced.

Maria claims that her infant son got sick as a result of consuming the tainted formula. The law firm representing her said in a statement:

“What we have found is that certain companies handle product recalls in an upfront and transparent way.  We believe that we can prove that Abbott did the opposite and sat on information while babies got sick.”

Abbot has responded to the formula contamination with an open letter distributed via the media to parents saying, “You have our promise that your baby’s nutrition is always our top priority” and reassuring parents that the quality of Similac products is Abbot’s first priority.

It will be interesting to see whether the case settles out of court and whether it affects Americans’ confidence in formula feeding.

Do you think this will encourage more mothers to give breastfeeding a try?

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