Left Behind: Family Accidentally Leaves 2-year-old In Wisconsin While They Go To A Birthday Party In Illinois

A 2-year old girl was accidentally left on a Wisconsin street while her parents went to a birthday party in Illinois.

Oh my goodness this story makes my heart practically stop. A family was picking up kids in Kenosha, WI to take to a birthday party in nearby Illinois when they accidentally left their 2-year old daughter behind, playing in the street. They realized that they had forgotten her about a half hour later. Thankfully she was found wandering the street unhurt and safe, and was returned to her mother.


I get the confusion- they were transporting ten other kids to the party BUT… I also think in those situations you need to be even more careful and cautious. A two-year old! I also am not giving the mom in Home Alone a break for doing the same thing- she’s among my 15 Worst Movie Moms. I remember when a large family at our church left their baby in his infant car seat in the entryway and drove off: the dad thought the mom strapped him in and vice versa. Thankfully they soon realized what they did and came right back.

Having four kids, I’m constantly counting and often dressing them in a way they can easily be spotted if we’re in a crowd. It’s just what you do when you have several children to misplace. And I can only hope I am never in a situation like the above. I don’t think my heart could take it. Have you ever left your child behind?