LEGO Kid Makes Real Working Farm Equipment Out of Legos

What does your kid create with Legos?

Warren Seely has been making elaborate replicas of real farm equipment out of Legos since he was twelve. He’s also absolutely fascinating because I totally just watched the entire video below and farm equipment isn’t anything I’m remotely interested in. But wow, I feel like I totally learned something.

Of course I had my kids watch Warren talk about how he got the idea for his genius Lego creations and how he built a tractor engine when he was six! I’m also beginning to think I expect way too little out of my own children. Hmmm. They are big into Lego and will make a thing here or there, but mainly they’re into the Lego guys (also known as Mini Figures — they’re happy to just switch heads and bodies and call it a day) or they just want to play Lego Star Wars on their Nintendo DS.

Oh, but not Warren Seely. He has invented a whole new way to teach kids about how farm machinery works — without the dangers of getting up close to the real thing. Pretty awesome. This kid is gonna go far.


What does your kid make with Legos?

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Photo credit: bdesham