Lesbian To School Honchos: No Prom? See You In Court!


n357686784817_4216Remember Constance McMillen?  She’s the student that was banned from escorting her girlfriend to the senior prom in Mississippi.  The local branch of the A.C.L.U jumped to her defense and petitioned the school on her behalf.  School officials responded that same-sex dates (not to mention tuxedo-wearing females) were against school policy. The civil rights organization shot back that said policy was unconstitutional.   End result:  the prom was canceled for everyone.   Luckily for Constance (and all non-heterosexual kids), the A.C.L.U. wants to continue to fight the fight.

Yesterday Constance and the ACLU went to court to sue the Itawamba County school district in order to force them into sponsoring a prom for all students–regardless of their sexual orientation or choice of clothing.  School officials are claiming that they had considered canceling the fete even before the Constance brouhaha due to fears of alcohol and drug use and the ensuing liability.  Nevertheless,  they do contend that the final nail to the coffin was the negative publicity caused by Constance’ request.

Um…why is this a big deal?   Let the kid take whomever she chooses.  What are they so afraid of?

Check out the A.C.L.U.’s “Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend To The Prom” Facebook page for more info.

Image:  A.C.L.U.