Levar Burton Relieved Reading Rainbow was Canceled


PEOPLE LEVAR BURTONLevar Burton, host of the now canceled PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow,” is glad to have closed that chapter of his life. What started as a steady paycheck following his acclaimed performance as Kunte Kinte in the TV series “Roots” turned into 26 years of lost opportunities and even greater acclaim.

And for what? The children? Not really. In “My Living Nightmare of Encouraging Kids to Read is Over,” Burton writes:

Fact is, I couldn’t care less whether kids learn to read. There, I said it.

And he says even more.

Look, Reading Rainbow was a television program. That should tell you something right there. What I should have done is hosted a show that taught children how to watch more television. I bet they would have come up with the funding to renew that show.


But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the rest here (oh, didn’t I mention he wrote it for The Onion? I should have said something sooner.)

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