Like Jon and Kate — Only Nicer


masche-sextupletsHave they not learned anything from Jon and Kate? Jenny and Bryan Masche apparently believe they can escape the curse that inflicts reality TV marriages. This young couple is letting cameras into the house for a new series – that debuted this week – called “Raising Sextuplets”, which for now lasts six episodes.

This is the WE’s answer to Jon and Kate Plus Eight, but probably with millions less viewers . Why? Because this couple and parents of six 2-year-olds does not court drama. The President of the WE said that this is a very different show since they are a very different people. “Jenny and Bryan are grounded,” Martin says. “They are nice people raising six kids in a really healthy environment.”

On the topic of the troubles that plague the Gosselins, “We need to not only learn from others’ mistakes, but have some boundaries put in place, and pray for wisdom that we can stay strong and united,” says Jenny. “We really have to focus on our marriage – because it’s hard.”

And they don’t want being stars of a TV show to change them; “We don’t pretend to be high-and-mighty,” says Bryan. “We told everyone around us, `If you EVER see us going in a certain direction that isn’t right, hit us! Put us in our place!'”

Is there room for yet another show about families of multiples? And especially one that doesn’t seem to have the scandal and intrigue of the Gosselin’s show?