"Like"?: The Correlation Between Facebook Profiles and Job Performance


When the cool kids traded MySpace for Facebook, they took all their drunken photos and wacky status updates to the very place employers are now looking when screening potential candidates. 

Mashable reports that a new study conducted by three universities found that Facebook profiles accurately predicted job performance. Really? I mean, uh oh.

Let’s put this theory to the test and check out my last five Facebook status updates:

What it might mean: She's a social complainer.


What it might mean: I won't get that job as a Zumba instructor


What it might mean: She's worldly *snicker*.


What it might mean: She has an affinity for zombies.


What it might mean: She talks baby talk and is lazy.

OK, so let’s do some simple math: Would you hire a worldly baby-talking social complainer with an affinity for zombies who sucks at Zumba? I mean, I know I would but that’s just me. On the plus side, there’s no profanity (out of respect for the parentals). On the minus side, it looks as though I’m a worldly baby-talking social complainer with an affinity for zombies who sucks at Zumba…which I, in fact, am.

You can read all about the study’s findings on the correlation between Facebook profiles and job performance here.

And might I offer a few suggestions as a friend to a friend:

• Facebook privacy settings – use ’em.

• Get rid of the nakey, drunken pics.

• Remember your words can be used against you.

• Take the naughty stuff to Twitter instead.

What does your Facebook profile say about you?

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