Little Girl Can't Say "Frog," But Can Swear Like a Trucker (Video)

little girl can't say frog video f bomb swears youtube viral
Little girl makes "frog" sound like an f-bomb!

Little kids sometimes miss the mark when it comes to pronouncing words correctly… hey, they’re learning, after all.

Watch as this little girl struggles with the word “frog,” coming up with something that decidedly sounds like an F-bomb.

Despite an off camera parent’s repeated attempts, her version of “frog” always comes out the same “f*ck.”

Ah… kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

My kids would mess up words all the time, but never anything that sounded like a swear word “aminal” for “animal,” “granila” for “granola,” and “shubble” for “shovel” all come to mind.

Have your kids ever mispronounced a word that ended up sounding like a cuss word?

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