Little Girl's Evil Laugh YouTube Video Goes Viral

little girl evil laugh youtube video
Little girl shows off evil laugh in YouTube viral video

This little one has mastered her evil laugh in one of the shortest but most effective viral videos around.

I’m totally loving this kid – one second she’s playing with a toy car, then, after flinging the car off the table, she lays that fabulously maniacal laugh on us.

And it is dreamy.

This is all around cute, from the beginning play, the car’s crash and burn, the evil laugh… and the sweet look at the end.

Plus it’s all wrapped up in a nine second YouTube video.

The response to the viral video, titled “My daughter has chosen the dark side,” has been overwhelming, with the mom posting: “3 million views in 5 days… Minds have been blown.”

Viral videos are a funny thing. [Insert evil laugh here.]

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