Little Girls Make Awesome Superheroes (Photos)


There’s a movement in little pockets all over the web to popularize the notion that superheroes aren’t just for boys and men. Sites like Superheroes are for girls, too! feature all kinds of great photos of little girls rocking their capes and masks in a way that would make any villain’s knees buckle. The idea that girls also enjoy dressing as powerful pretend characters will seem obvious to most parents (or any woman who grew up in the late 70’s/early 80’s wearing WONDER WOMAN UNDEROOS!), but it’s an idea many in the cosplay/comic book community feel bears reinforcing.

Not only do little girls like dressing as superheroes as much as their male counterparts do, they also don’t project sexuality onto the female hero characters they love, even when the characters are drawn in a sexualized manner in their respective comics. That’s something artist Alexandria Law noticed and appreciated, and so she began drawing comic book versions of female superheroes based on the way little girls emulate them. These “grown up little girl superheroes” seem much more prepared to kick butt in battle, if only because they’re fully clothed and not wearing dangerous shoes.

Law has graciously allowed me to show you her current collection of drawings next to the photos that inspired them, interspersed below with more photos of little girls looking fierce in their best superhero getups:

  • Princess Batgirl 1 of 10

    Yes, black Princess Batgirl! OMG.

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: Cosplays With Color

  • Wonder Woman 2 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    Feminist icon Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero, and she is looking ready to stomp out oppression here in her hot pink kicks.

    Photo credit: Flickr user land_camera_land_camera

  • Green Lantern 3 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    And her sidekick, Superdog!

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: girlslovesuperheroes 

  • Spidergirl 4 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    With a blue tutu! She really packs a punch.

    Photo credit: Flickr user Digital Sextant

  • Batgirl in the Batcave 5 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    Working some reconnaissance.

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: Gaming Angels.

  • The Hulk 6 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    There is so much to love about this. 1) The Hulk is a girl. 2) The hulk is a black girl. 3) With Afro Puffs. 4) Wearing a tutu. 5) HULK BOOBS!

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: xerxes93

  • Iron Man and Darth Vader 7 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    An unlikely pairing, given that Darth Vader is not a superhero, but of course anything goes when it comes to cosplay! Heroes hang out with princesses meeting Star Wars and Star Trek characters next to anime-loving Harajuku Girls.

    Photo credit: Flickr user Kazz.0

  • Power Girl and Huntress 8 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    Power Girl and Huntress. Law says, "One of the main reasons I like these girls' costumes is because of how simple they are. Often times when artists want to re-design female superheroes to be less sex-objecty they end up changing a bunch of unnecessary stuff. It doesn't have to be like that, just get rid of Power Girl's tit window and give Huntress a full leotard. It's easy!"

    These little girls are so badass. I wish I knew them.

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: watch tv with me.

  • Thor 9 of 10
    little girl superheroes

    I think one of the coolest things about these little girl superheroes is that they seem to strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine traits. Why not have a shield of armor on your chest and then a tutu beneath it? I think many a man would feel empowered trying on a tutu for the first time. They have magical twirling powers - and they definitely help you jump higher. Ask any ballerina.

    Drawing by Alexandria Law, original photo: The Mary Sue.

  • Unnamed Hero 10 of 10
    little girl superhero

    I adore this photo, simply titled "Superhero," because it proves the only thing anyone needs to be a superhero is self-confidence and a good imagination. You go, Wooden Spoon Girl!

    Photo credit: Flickr user Lance Neilson

For more of Law’s work, follow her on Tumblr. I found Law’s site via Jezebel.