Little Tikes Recalls 1.7 Million Toys Due to Choking Hazard - What Was in the Recall?

Little Tikes

One thing as parents — we all want to keep our kids safe. In keeping them safe, there is a lot of trust involved. We trust their doctors, we trust their teachers, and we trust the people who make their toys. But as with all things in life, there are disappointments. The doctors may misdiagnose, the teachers may leave that child behind and the toy company? Their seemingly harmless toy may actually be dangerous. The newest toys to be reported as being hazardous?

1.7 million Little Tikes toy tool sets and trucks were voluntarily recalled due to a  danger of choking on the plastic toy nails.This isn’t the first time the over-sized plastic nails have been an issue, they were recalled before in 2009. The new recall includes 11 models of Little Tikes’ Workshop and their tool sets. There have reported cases of children who choked on the nails after they became lodged in their throats. Luckily both of the were rushed to the hospital and made full recoveries.

The sets in question were sold from 1990-2004. For more info on the recall, you can go to the Little Tikes website right here.

Image: Little Tikes