Logo Maker for Chrome. Yikes!


I can’t help but chuckle at the posts I’m reading about Logo Maker: “… gives you an interactive canvas to design your own logo” or here’s another “… helps you create unique and creative logos even if you don’t have any graphical/design knowledge or experience.”

Not surprisingly, I feel the design community letting out a collective shudder. Here we are talking about the importance and influence of our personal brands, and yet the practice of DIY logo design and site design seems to be widely accepted and promoted in the online world.

I know, there are a lot of expenses and professional fees associated with starting a business and why pay for something that you can do yourself, right? Let me tell you why…. because trained and experienced graphic designers actually know what they are doing; because your logo is your mark and will communicate volumes non-verbally and viscerally about you and your business in a fraction of a second.

If designed well, it will communicate what you intend and open doors for you. If your mark misses the mark, and does not line up with your brand ethos, you’ve lost the game before you even begin. I hate to make this sound like the big deal that it is but… it’s true.

You don’t have to just take my word for it… see what other successful online entrepreneurs are saying. In his 279 Days to Overnight Success unconventional entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau’s first piece of advice is “Start with the best design you possibly can.”

Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner explains how investing in design had a huge impact on the meteoric success of his site. Trust me, you can’t afford not to hire a graphic designer. If you’re that strapped — I’d pause. That in itself is a red flag. Revisit your business plan.

The last time I checked, there are over 3.9 million mom blogs. I know, the competition is daunting. But then again, I would venture to guess that at least three million of those people are ones who are ready to jump on the Logo Maker for Chrome bandwagon and just can’t believe their luck that they won’t have to pay for a logo! So it’s an easy, one-step leap for you to make it into the top 23% of mom bloggers that brands and visitors will actually take seriously — hire a pro.

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