London Riots: Children As Young as 9 Run Wild in the Streets

London riots August 2011
Looters Ravage London

Children at the young age of nine should be in school, at soccer practice or watching a cartoon on the telly. What they shouldn’t be doing? Stealing booze with a gang of looters while dangerous riots plague their city. But that is what has happened in London as part of the widespread looting and rioting in the country’s capital.

One witness said, “I saw kids as young as seven or eight running up the street with their faces covered,” near where a double decker bus, buildings and police cars were set ablaze. The Prime Minister David Cameron is well aware of the alarming age of some of the rioters saying…that there is something “seriously wrong” with society “when you see children as young as 12 or 13 looting and laughing.” But it sounds like he was adding some years on the ages of the looters, since several other sources what said they’ve kids years younger participating.

David Cameron is desperately trying to get control of the riots stating that he wasn’t going to let “phoney human rights” to achieving justice. And as the riots spread to Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham and more adults and kids are running wild, the situation has become even more desperate.

Let’s hope that the riots can be can become contained and that the kids will be alright.

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