Long-Distance Gaming Couple Meets for the First Time in 5 Years [Video]

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It happens all the time, boy meets girl gaming online. Boy and girl engage in interstellar war between twenty-sixth century humanity and alien races. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

So maybe it’s not your average fairy tale, but love can bloom anywhere – even in a Halo 3 game lobby.

Five years ago a Texas girl and a Tennessee boy connected while battling the Covenant in Halo 3. In the three years following their meeting as cybernetically enhanced super soldiers, the couple became best friends through their mutual love of gaming. With the help of social media the two maintained constant connectivity through MySpace, Facebook, and finally cyber-cupid himself, Skype.

The young lady in the video posted on the video’s description, “Once we talked ‘face to face’ we hit it off as a couple from then on.” From the looks of their first meeting in five years, we’d agree. Take a look!


The happy couple is now engaged and we secretly hope they find a clever way to incorporate their love of gaming into their wedding!

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