Long Island Serial Killer: Did They Murder a Toddler As Well?


There is a high profile manhunt for a criminal known now as the Long Island Serial Killer. The killer’s M.O. up to now was thought to be that of a disturbed individual who met his victim’s via Craigslist personal ads. And that he only was targeting sex workers.

During their investigation, the police have uncovered about ten bodies along the overgrown borders between a highway and a long stretch of New York state beaches. But not all the remains fit in with the victim profile that was believed to be the serial killer’s main prey. Among the remains found were those of a toddler. But was the child a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer?

And although the toddler who is said to have been about 18-months-old –  was found near an adult’s body, there is no word yet if the remains were linked in life. “It’s not uncommon that these women have children. Did he get into a situation with one of them that her child was and so he just disposed of the child as another witness,” a former FBI investigator stated. Or it could have just been a coincidence, with not just one sicko seeing the area as a dumping ground to dispose of the deceased? Regardless, does this new development have you worried?

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